Medication Therapy Management

If you’re concerned that the different medications you’re taking may be adversely reacting to one another - or you’re not entirely sure if you really do need the drugs that you’re taking - Medication Therapy Management from Southern Pharmacy will bring you peace of mind.

This will enable us to then offer insight into your prescriptions to help prevent potentially dangerous medication interactions. We’ll also give you our recommendation as to the most effective pharmaceutical approach to relieve your illness or complaint.

At each one of our five locations, one of our qualified pharmacists will be more than happy to have a confidential chat with you so that you may gain a better understanding of all aspects of your medication.

Medication Therapy Management from Southern Pharmacy will make sure:

  • You only take the medication you need
  • You take the correct dosage of medicine at the right time
  • Your drugs don’t interact with each other
  • Any vitamins, supplements or Over-The-Counter drugs you take are safe and effective
  • You don’t pay more than is necessary for your medication